TWLC Summer Camp

In the fall last year the representatives of the Drab Foundation established a cooperation with the Tiger Woods Foundation. Given Tiger’s workload we were pleasantly surprised by his sincere interest in our foundation’s activities.

We are preparing criteria for the year 2017 and we already accept applications!

His charitable effort is to provide good education to talented students, despite their financial situation might prevent them from it. The curriculum is focused on science, engineering, technology, mathematics and helps participants to find a link between studies and future career.

The result of combining our forces is that, in the near future, we will be able to choose first five Czech students, who will have the chance to learn something new in Tiger’s Californian education center during a 2-week summer course in 2016.

Criteria for selection of the paticipants

Drab Foundation members had the opportunity to visit the center and the students should be excited. Education takes the form of practice where the participants of the course can for example try designing their own rockets using solid fuel, or be a member of the forensic team and learn the forensic discipline.

Our cooperation is a new experience for the centre itself, because it will be the first time for non-American students to participate in the course. In comparison to the American students the Czech ones will have an advantage of undergoing a double portion of the stay. Under normal circumstances the course takes only a week.


Students can send their send their application all year round to:

In case the first year is successful we will gradually increase the number of participants. In 2017 10 students would travel abroad and since 2018 the number could go up to 15.

More information in this Power Point presentation (in Czech language)

Criteria for selcting the candidates (in Czech language)





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