TWLC Summer Camp

In the fall last year the representatives of the Drab Foundation established a cooperation with the Tiger Woods Foundation. Given Tiger’s workload we were pleasantly surprised by his sincere interest in our foundation’s activities.

We are preparing criteria for the year 2017 and we already accept applications!

His charitable effort is to provide good education to talented students, despite their financial situation might prevent them from it. The curriculum is focused on science, engineering, technology, mathematics and helps participants to find a link between studies and future career.

The result of combining our forces is that, in the near future, we will be able to choose first five Czech students,…

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Lunches for children

The lunches for kids program, is one of the main activities managed by Drab Foundation. Our main motivation is to help the families, whose financial situation is not very good and does not enable them to even afford lunches for their children at school. Regarding to the fact that this situation is not getting better, it is rather getting worse looking at our research, we would like to inform about this problem.

Schools can sign up for the program here

We want and are helping the students who have a difficult financial situation and are properly fulfilling their school…

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Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis - ALS

The ALS disease (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) is an untreatable progressive neurodegenerative disease that manifests itself through a gradual loss of nerve cells. The patient has difficulty performing ordinary activities like writing or buttoning up of his clothes. He stumbles while walking, develops muscle cramps and later on has difficulty swallowing. At the end he is completely paralyzed and dependent on artificial respiration and nutrition. When suffering from the fatal ALS disease the patient gradually loses his nerve cells.

The patient who gets diagnosed whit the ALS usually does not have more than 3 years to live.

The degenerative changes and the loss of nerve cells lead to the infliction of skeletal…

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There are over 60 million people affected by autism in the world. That is ten times more compared to the figures at the beginning of the millennium. Only in the USA the number of the afflicted has increased by one fourth in the last 7 years. In Europe the ratio of autistic to healthy children is stated as 1:106.That is more than with children’s diabetes or oncological diseases. More than 80% of all autistic children are disabled and cannot function without continuous all-day care.

April 2nd World Autism Awareness Day

The resources expended worldwide for the treatment and research of this still not very well-known disease are enormous and there will be need for more, proportionately to the growth of the…

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Alzheimer’s Disease

The world report on the spread of Alzheimer’s disease from 2013 implies that the traditional system of informal care provided by family, friends and community is going to cease to be sustainable due to aging world population.

The report points out that in the following four decades the number of the dependent elderly people will triple – from 101 million in 2010 to 277 million in 2050. In the Czech Republic there are 140.000 people with the dementia syndrome to which we must add roughly another 160.000 people with mild cognitive disorder, a specific risk condition which is common particularly with elderly people. The care of those people is insufficient.

In our country there are very few facilities that would provide…

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