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This treatment has to be in an extent of 25 to 40 hours a week. With intensive therapy, whichlasts 1-3 years, it is necessary to follow at least 6 hours a day of behavioral therapy. In this therapy you have to start with children form 1 year of age.


"We learned about behavioral therapy 3 months ago and had been working on it for a month. Before she starts at school, I want to her be at the level of her classmates and to handle this we have to work intensively 6 hours a day or more at least two years continuously. "


Since the cost of therapy exceeds the amount of 600 000, - CZK, we established a fund for small Leontýnka where anyone can financially help HERE (I want to help a particular project or person -> Health -> Autism -> Collection for Leontýnka)


Beginning Behavioral Therapy 03/05/2015

The video below shows one of the first hours with a therapist and Leontýnka is doing very well. At first she was less focused, but the start is very promising.

Practicing at home 15/04/2015

As we have already mentioned, Leontýnka needs continuous practice, and therefore her mother performs the therapy at home. Bellow you can see how difficult beginnings may be.


Great progress after a month 27.4.2015

The following video shows the great strides, which is Leontýnka doing through the behavioral therapy. Leontýnka has put colored objects into the same colored cubes. She does everything very well, she focuses on the activity and maintains contact with her mother.


We will be updating you on the story of Leontýnka further. We would like to thank all the donors who have decided to help Leontýnka!


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