Our activities

A charity event called Desert Classic Charities is being held in parallel with the tournament. New sponsors for various humanitarian activities are acquired at the backdrop of the world tournament. In the center of the charity’s attention is the Eisenhower Medical Center. However, the help also focuses on non-profit organizations, especially in the Coachella Valley area. The organizations help children, organize various social services and provide food and shelter for those who were not as lucky. Over the 56 years of obtaining help this way $56 million has been collected!

This year’s Desert Classic Charities collected over $1 million and a portion of these funds was provided by the Drab foundati

Our foundation again broadened its spectrum of activities.

And for the record and for goal fans: Bill Haas was the winner in the category of professionals. Bill admitted that he did not expect victory this year: “If you were to ask me a week ago if I can win, I would have laughed at you,” Haas said honestly after the tournament. 

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