Our activities

The effort to provide the children, who immediately at the start of their lives got fewer chances, with complete care and development, is typical for the CHILDREN´S BRIGHT FUTURE foundation. It is not enough to feed the children and provide them with education. What is important is the whole package of social services that will enable the children to stand on their own feet and to get – as is clear from the foundation’s name – bright or brighter future. The whole team of the foundation workers, donors, cooperating institutions and individual families, who support and complement each other, are striving to fulfill this program of complex social transformation. All the parties work together to fulfill their dream in the best way possible.

The foundation, in addition to everyday work and care, also prepare specialized workshops for the children, which help them with preparation for various life situations. The children learn the details about their rights and opportunities for future life. Movies featuring social issues are played during the seminars and the children are then encouraged to discuss them with their teachers. The question of racism is also an important topic because are many people with dark skin living in Panama. These people have a special day on May 30th and on that occasion the teachers explain their cultural customs and traditions to all the students.

The Drab foundation in cooperation with the U4G supports the projects of the CHILDREN´S BRIGHT FUTURE foundation through an international organization Bright Future International. The Drab foundation CEO Ladislav Dráb comments on this cooperation: “The Panamanian foundation is completely clear about the goals it wants to reach. Its social programs and the organization of teaching are on a high level, and that is why we are pleased to support them. It is obvious that common interests can meet on opposite sides of the globe, and what is more – they can find a way towards each other. That is essential.”

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