Our activities

The Red Eye Foundation focuses on helping children and youth in socially excluded localities. These are generally areas with high unemployment rate, complicated access to education and to other free-time activities such as sport or culture. Nicole and the Red Eye Foundation employees head precisely to these localities, where they prepare festive programs, anxiously awaited by the local youth. They all know that they can expect a day full of games, competitions, fun and some good food, of course. 

At these events there are also special areas for the local youth to spray-paint. Justin, Nicole and their co-workers provide the spray-paint and consult the teenagers on their designs.They organize various games where the children can exercise their perception, wit, speed and strength. Endurance challenges such as the run with a concrete block or the tire toss are organized. 

The children can also solve various quizzes. In addition, the foundation regularly brokers meetings with famous people from diverse fields, who talk to the youth about their work and life in order to motivate them to pursue great goals with a purpose. This way these children try to move towards a better life. They long for better work opportunities, a better quality of life and the fulfilment of their dreams that would otherwise be unattainable. Yes, even this is a way how to change the world – gradually, single-mindedly and in the long term with clear results. This is another one of Nicole Drab’s projects.

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