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The third edition of the largest barefoot running in the Czech Republic is already behind us. This year was dedicated, including the entire proceeds from ticket sales, our project lunches to children. The aim of the project was to provide as many lunches for our schoolchildren. During this year's barefoot running is chosen on the admission of more than 70,000, - CZK. Drab Foundation on the project lunches to children participating from September 2015 amount 190.000, - CZK.

Finance, which has been chosen with the support of the Barefoot runners is surely a wonderful helper on the way to help children from underprivileged families.

Third year running barefoot supported his visit to Karel Roden, who spoke with us about his approach to running and also about his relationship to nature as such.

 "Every morning when I get up, I walk barefoot for several tens of minutes. It's very pleasant and well-therapy blood circulation to the feet. Also I recommend their children to walk barefoot. "

After Karel Roden took the stage at full power singer Standa Hlozek that all our runners enjoyed their great songs like "tailor" or also interpreted the legendary girls from our school. After a fascinating show Standa Hložka joined onstage acclaimed athlete with a passion for running James Bina, who led countless sports enthusiasts to a better lifestyle and a complete change of character.

James talked about barefoot running technique and how it is necessary to walk a minimum of time barefoot. This applies twice for athletes who want to improve their performance in a classic run:

"Barefoot walking is really necessary help to completely healthy and clean mind. All you need is 10 minutes a day. When you get up in the morning, walk barefoot around the house or garden. Unbelievably it will clear your head and improves mental condition. "James Bina, who also prepared the participants running on the track and started the entire run.

Expression of one of the runners:

"Initially, he was running across the grass, where he also held and family-run, but I swerved out of the grass and went straight to the race route was not enough, I wonder how the terrain is challenging. The trail was rocky, and I wondered how I pass by another 5km, but after a while your body accustomed to and I doběhnul time of a little over 20 minutes. My legs hurt, on the contrary, were pleasantly massaged, and certainly I will now practice barefoot running even during his cross-country training. Thank you for the opportunity to try something new. "

Awards winners assures Mr. Ladislav Dráb and President Vaclav Klaus, who took patronage of charitable events. Then, he participated in autograph sessions, where he led the friendly conversations with the participants and everyone had a chance to take a picture with the President.

Chairman of the Board, Mr. Ladislav Dráb also gave Petrik Jochescovi 15 000, - CZK, which is chosen through a collection that originated on our site. Jochescových behalf of all donors and we thank those who would like to continue to contribute, the collection is still going on here.

On the need to support Czech students who do not have money for lunch, he talked of his experience director Salty Elementary School, which cooperates with Drab Foundation, Mr. Martin Hrabánek:

"Children who have been included in the project, has generally improved school attendance and generally leads to better socialization of the individual in the school team."

After the band K-band and the ceremony was breathtaking performances of military dog ​​handlers, which was absolutely breathtaking, as their four-legged pets at the time they turned into merciless guard their masters. After getting off the dogs again became man's best friend, and it was possible to take pictures of them and caress.

The whole event was accompanied by our very experienced presenter, voice-over artist and actor Philip Svarc, who with his output also decided to support our charity project.

Event Prague Barefoot Run 2015 was also seen countless attractions that are not just for little ones. You could try walking on glass, archery, horseshoe throw, as they had done in the Wild West. We must not forget walking on stilts, and who better placed soccer ball into the goal.

For these attractions, visitors collect points depending on how they've fared and stand Drab Foundation so they can collect prizes, which in these competitions devoted our partner Total.

You could try and accompanying non-competitive programs. The company Spektra.eunabízela put yourself into the role hendikepovaného man and try out the latest equipment to make everyday activities. On the other hand, the company Vibram FiveFingers offered testing finger-boty.cz for simulating barefoot running and provided a grand prize for the winner. Two finger shoes.

Finally, the day the band played Monoskop, but people neodházeli empty, because every participant received a gift bag, in which the ion drink PowerRade and water Bonaqua, which gave us Coca-Cola.

Another acknowledgment we would like to dedicate ElaFlora who gave flowers to the winner. Photographer Edward Joseph Gregor. Furthermore, Czech Miss finalists participated in the race. Mlada Fronta, for providing prizes for the winners and gift bags. The world of running and Student point for media support.

We would like to thank all the participants, the project helped Lunch perfect for children and a successful event. Stay in touch with us and sign up with us on the Web www.drabfoundation.org account, where we will inform you about the other great activities and have the opportunity to shop at our auction and shop.



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