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Andrew Allan Stemberg
Chief Operational Officer

Andrew Allan Stemberg is the Chief Operating Officer of the non-profit organization Drab foundation. He guides the co-workers’ interest and enthusiasm to help. He turns prime intentions into realistic projects and brings them to life. He managed to build a very competent team which achieves outstanding results.

Andrew was born in New York, where he also spent his youth. Afterwards he moved to the Czech Republic and soon started to notice the culture differences, especially in the attitude towards problem-solving. The society at that time did not seem to find the appropriate sympathy and support for handicapped people, which was just the opposite of what Andrew was accustomed to abroad. What was commonplace in the USA would not even cross people’s mind here.

That is why at the age of 14 he volunteered in an association which offered free English lessons for children at summer camps. During his studies at university he continued his volunteer activities in a non-profit organization which was devoted to homeless children.

Now Andrew Stemberg brings through the Drab foundation his international experience in the area of autism and the Alzheimer’s disease to the Czech Republic.

Nicole Drab
Global Programs
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Nicole Drab was born in Montreal, Canada. She went to grammar school in the Czech Republic where she grew fond of Czech literature. She moved to Florida to further develop her acquired knowledge and to finish her high school studies there. She currently lives in California, where she attends the Chapman University. In her free time she used to volunteer in the Red Eye foundation led by Justin Mayo. With the help of the Drab foundation she would like to further develop her charitable and cultural knowledge on the international level.

Sarah Drab
Global Programs
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Sarah Drab was born in Canada Montreal where she spend her first few years and afterwards she moved to Czech Republic, where she attended school. Before going to middle school her family and she moved to Florida. Beginning her senior year at community school of Naples she is involved in international communication. This summer she had an internship at the Clinton’s foundation where she moved around the office and got familiar whit all the functions of the foundation. She is passionate about the work that the Drab foundation is involved in and excited to avail and connect the experiences she has gathered in the pas whit the Drab foundation.

Managing board

Mgr. Ladislav Dráb
Memberg of the Board – Chief Executive Officer

Ladislav Dráb
Memberg of the Board


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Has the activity of our foundation caught your attention? Would you like to contribute to a good cause? We are preparing a number of activities for the support of our foundation and we welcome the interest of all people, who have the same goal like we do – to help the needy.

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