Procedure of applying for the Lunches for children program

23. 10. 2015

Information for schools

Are you interested in classifying your pupils, who come from socially deprived families, need help and dully fulfill their school responsibilities, for lunch allowance? Send us a completed form to, or to our foundation’s address:

Drab foundation – nadační fond
Budova D
Rohanské nábřeží 678/29
186 00 Praha 8

You can download the form here.
You can view deed of gift here.

If you are a person close to a pupil who cannot attend school lunches for financial reasons and if you are interested in a lunch allowance, inform the school he/she attends about our program and ask them to fill the form.


Frequently asked questions – FAQ

How many pupils, as one subject, can I suggest for the program?

The number of pupils for one subject is not limited. Every facility differs in size, is of various localities so every request needs an individual examination from your side. The form is made for 20 pupils and if the quantity is higher fill in more forms. However we have to warn you that the numbers of pupils, who are using this program, are to be counted in thousands and at this moment any organization cannot ensure help for everyone. Because of this chose pupils, who need this program desperately. On average 10 pupils are supported per one subject.

From when can I send request to 

You can send the request all year round only if it is fundamental to meet the submission deadlines for the given term. Requests which are sent late cannot be accepted by us because for the next term and the requests are not converted automatically to the next term. 

Can we apply for the program if we are a different subject than an elementary school?

Only elementary schools can sign up for the project or school cafeterias themselves can sign up for the project. We are preparing for an expansion of the program to other subjects. We will inform about the alternation on our web page and facebook profile.

Can we receive the donation sooner, or later?  

The donations are always sent at a fixed term. A big income of request does not allow individual approach.

Why it is necessary to fill in the agreement of the legal representative and what is the difference between the agreement and the form?

The form is filled in between the subject and us. In the form the school recommends pupils and includes a personal assessment or the life story of the pupil. We will judge the necessity of the donation for every pupil and will send a donation contract, which is enclosed between us and the school. Simultaneously we will send the agreement of the legal representatives, which has to be signed by the person who takes care of the pupil. So the Agreement of the legal representatives is signed between us and the parents.

How should will proceed if the pupil starts to minimalize his school attendance or leaves the school in the course of the school year?

 I case of a formed overpayment on the down payment for the lunch service the donee agrees to transfer the financial sum, which was not used within the down payment, to pay the lunch services of the specific child for the next month or eventually school year. In the case of the termination of the donee the donor is authorized to transfer the donation onto a different pupil, donee is required to inform the donor immediately of such termination of study.