I have a health issue and I need help

23. 10. 2015

Are you or your loved ones handicapped and suffer from autism or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and need help?

We will gladly try to help and secure the needed aid. We need to know what your handicap is and what kind of a tool or aid you require. For an easier submission of your information we created a form for you, which we ask you to fill in and send to the address: info@drabfoundation.org or to the address of the endowment fund:

Drab foundation – endowment fund

Building D    

Rohanské nábřeží 678/29

186 00 Praha 8

Form to be downloaded here.

Every accepted submission is automatically filed in our payment system and you can receive help in the form of a donation from kind-hearted people.

Frequently asked questions - FAQ

How can you help me?

You can decide on the type of help you are looking for by yourself. If you need a financial help with purchase of a medical tool or you are looking for professional assistance. We ourselves do not run any medical center, but we cooperate with large number of specialized centers and professionals. Our help consists of ensuring the required service or medical tool and we help to finance the expenditure created by their purchase.

How does our rental of medical tools for handicapped work and is it free?

Yes our rental of medical tools is free and we lend the tools to people suffering from ALS. We have decubitus mattresses including the compressor, electrical jacks including the tow, device for controlling a computer with eyes, available. We are still extending and if you need a tool, which is not mentioned above, we will try to provide you with it.

How do you help to finance my expenditures and what is the limit, which you provide?

Financial limit is not fixed, but the expenditure for an individual is generally in the manor of tens to hundreds of thousands and we are not able to finance all the requirements immediately. Because of this we created a payment system, where every submission for help is filed and ordinary people can finance you. Thanks to the payment system and the kindness of people we are able to supply you with help much sooner and help more people in need.

How can I support my fund?

People, who support their fund, have 80% larger success. We register a large number of people visiting our payment system, however the amount of funds is high as well so it is good to alarm your friends, loved ones and coworkers, that such fund was created. You can inform them by email, using social networks, call them or personally tell them. Link to be shared with them: http://www.drabfoundation.org/cs/donation/     

I want to help, but I do not want to be included in the payment system. Is that possible?

When the submission is filled in and sent we automatically enter the submission in the payment system. If you really insist on not creating a public fund you have to inform us in advance. We are then dependent on gathering finances from our partners and from charity activities. There is up to 90% larger chance that the submission won´t be fully covered.