Tiger Woods Learning Center

29. 09. 2015

We have decided!

9 finalists advanced to the final selection of the Tiger Woods Learning Center programme, will now compete for 5 spots in this prestigious programme.

From 10/1/2015 to 6/30/2015 our 9 finalists will be doing charity work at organisation of their own choice.

The compulsory extent is 10 hours per month.

The decision of who will travel to sunny California is in their hands.

In a close future they will be taking a written exam in the English language of an intermediate level (B1), which will decide, who will be participating in this programme and will travel to United States for a purpose of education and cognition of the American culture.

Very talented students signed up for this programme, the winners of international scientific Olympics and also the winners of the golf tournament presented by Drab FOUNDATION.

We congratulate all the finalists and we will keep our fingers crossed for them during the written exams!