Drab foundation supports jazz

05. 02. 2015

The long-term cooperation between Ladislav Dráb and the jazz musician Štěpán Markovič is thanks to the Drab foundation getting to a qualitatively higher level. We can date the beginning of the mutual contact between these two gentlemen back to 2010. At that time the support from Ladislav Dráb enabled students of music schools to travel abroad and study in Rome where Štěpán Markovič educated them on the highest possible level. We could admire the fruits of this cooperation for example at a jazz concert at the Prague Castle. Here in May 2012 Štěpán Markovič presented himself (for the second time) to Bill Clinton

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– this time accompanied by significant jazz figures like Tomáš Baroš, Luboš Šrámek and Majo Ševčik. They had a concert in a closed society in the Spanish Hall during the gas summit (EGS24) where Markovič presented his CD Jazz by Stepan Markovic, specially prepared for this occasion.

Thanks to the Drab foundation we can witness a new activity under the direction of Štěpán Markovič. His main axis is the “Štěpán Markovič Gipsy Groove” project (funky/jazz) that brings a specific vision about jazzman’s excellent sense for connecting different musical genres. The band is composed of musicians who, thanks to their musicality, mesmerized the listeners for example as a warm-up band for James Brown or Gipsy Kings. Among other significant achievements there is also collaboration with Doug Wimbish; their common album won the Anděl award for the best album in the world music category in 2003.

Štěpán Markovič makes use of the Drab foundation support also for realization of other musical performances that do not fall under the Gipsy Tour. These are for example the “Karel Roden Jazz” project, the Štěpán Markovič Saxtet or the Jazz band (-trio, quartet, quintet). A new project Airshift (punk/jazz) is being prepared. Štěpán Markovič’s interest in experimenting with musical genres is noticeable already when we look at the list of artists and bands from various fields he cooperated with. The main idea of his production is to deliver a spontaneous jazz display, along with the musicians he feels emotionally related to and with whom he shares the same view. The support provided by the Drab foundation enables him to fully develop his creative ideas and processes for the pleasure of his listeners.

Markovič Gipsy Group: Štěpán Markovič – saxophone, Ladislav Dirda – bass guitar, Pavel Dird – keyboard and vocals, Libor Dirda – drums, Ladislav Richter – guitar.