26. 07. 2013

The founder of the Drab foundation Ladislav Dráb embraced the invitation of the US 42nd President Bill Clinton to take part in a humanitarian trip along with other foundation organizers and campaigners on the African continent.

The week-long trip led to the countries where many internal problems related to basic principles of human existence and non-existence need to be solved. The twenty-five participants of the trip, majority of whom lead their own foundations, visited countries such as Malawi, Tanzania, Zambia, Rwanda, Zanzibar or South Africa where many people are reliant on help from others.


“The significance of the African trip equally importantly lied in the search of opportunities for the foundation representatives. The main objective was to decide how to proceed together so as to achieve greater projects and to mutually support their effort.”

The help of the individual foundations was aimed traditionally at meeting the basic needs of the local people. That is why the chosen destinations were primarily hospitals, farms or villages that are endangered by the absence of human necessities the most. The operation of the hospital specialized on the treatment of AIDS funded by the Clinton Foundation was inspected. In other places the representatives of the foundations saw patients whose lives had been saved thanks to timely surgery funded by their donations. In addition, free hearing aids were distributed among the patients, which is yet another example of an aid so very common in the developed world, but unavailable in Africa.

The participants of the trip also visited farms that operate again only thanks to their financial support. The goal of this foundation movement is not only to superficially deliver goods, whose distribution is not always under control, but to involve the whole regions in its cultivation and distribution through the local authorities. In many visited areas a special training of how to process water in order to drink it safely took place. The necessary resources were again delivered by the representatives of the individual foundations, whose members accompanied Bill Clinton.


Ladislav Dráb adds: „I have brought a mixture of various feelings from this trip. I have to admit that at times despair overpowered me when I saw the fate of people around me. Yet it was alternated with sheer happiness when I saw that our help brings positive results and especially that it slowly, but surely expands. This gives purpose to our foundation activity and pushes it forward. – At the same time it was crucial to see for myself how people who dedicate years to foundation activities on the highest level approach this work. That is what truly inspired the Drab foundation.

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