01. 03. 2021


As the pandemic has been amongst us for a long while now many of us have been caught up in the cycle of staying home and not being able to socially interact and connect with others. However even in these times, it is very important to remember and think of those who are not as fortunate as many of us, it is important to remind ourselves of all the good we have and all the good we can share or could share. That is when a project of The Salvation Army in the Czech Republic reminded the Drab Foundation team of how they could help and share the good in those times.  

The Salvation Army in the Czech Republic has a project called Nocleženky, in which one can buy a night in a warm bed for a person without a home. By donating only 100 Kč a homeless person gets not only a warm bed and shelter but also a warm meal and a warm shower. This project is a very powerful one and during the harsh winter, it was very important to help those who truly needed it, so the Drab Foundation decided to support the project and help provide many citizens with a  warm bed and shelter through the project of The Salvation Army named Nocleženky. 


We are honored and humbled that we could help so many in these times and that we could spread good and remind ourselves of what is truly important in these times. 



More information on how you can help and do good: https://noclezenka.cz/en/homepage/


More on the Salvation Army in the Czech republic: https://armadaspasy.cz/english-page/