CE GROUP became the general partner of Rugby

02. 12. 2015

Our fund Drab Foundation and Business Group CE GROUP, supports all kinds of sports activities. Our philosophy is that any sporting activity enables individuals, at least for a while, to let go of everyday routine, whic is very important for mental and physical condition of the individual. Sport in any form effectively helps to prevent obesity, vascular disease, stress, insomnia and poorer memory. The World Health Organization (WHO) has identified the lack of physical activity as a fourth factor for premature mortality.

The Forbes magazine published a list of ten healthiest sports which also includes running. Running is just one of the key elements of rugby in addition to physical fitness, tactical thinking and team spirit.

Mr. Dráb as a long-time active Rugby player of the Club Slavia Praha and primarily a supporter of youth, both in the field of education and the field of sport, decided to become, through his business group CE GROUP, the general partner of the Rugby Club Slavia Praha.

In the case of interest in activities of CE GROUP Business Group, visit our website http://www.cegroup.be/en/.